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Written by:Boldo
10/4/2010 5:04 PM

Whenever a new edition comes out we hope that it is a perfect game with no problems, but with games as complicated as Warhammer Fantasy this is never the case.  With the major overhaul Fantasy got in 8th ed there are a number of major problems which are not answered but are surprising common in games.

1 When a unit fails a charge does it pay movement for wheeling to align with the enemy?  Pg 14 is very clear under wheel, "you do not need to measure the distance wheeled by a charging unit but during the Remaining Moves sub-phase wheels are measured as followed:".  A unit that fails a charge is not charging but is moved in the Charge sub-phase, "directly towards the target a distance equal to the highest score rolled on the 2D6 of the charge roll," pg 19.  There is no indication that the wheel is paid or not.

2 How do multiple units align if one is wider than the target and the other has fewer supporting attacks?  The simple case of this is when a horde 10 wide and a non horde charge a unit of 5 wide.  The horde would fight in 3 ranks but the non horde would only fight in 2.  Pg23 states, "The charge moves of the charging units must be made as far as possible to equalize the number of models fighting from each charging unit.  Remeber however to maximize the number of models fighting."  So in the above case the maximization would be all of the horde and none of the orther unit is this right?

3 The chart for spells on pg 190 claims Hex and augmentation spells need line of sight and this seems to contradict pg 31 which is correct?

4 If a unit is fighting to the flank or rear do models that die before they swing get to fight back?  Pg 51 states that, "warriors in the ranks behind will step forward to fill any gaps that appear" but will they step sideways or backwards we do not know?

5 How does a character on a different sized base work in combat when the unit they are in is charged in the flank that character is on?  Pg 98 states that, "the character is ignored when working out the number of ranks in the unit " but when there is an incomplete rank pg 49 states, "the models can fight across the gap, even if not physically in base to base contact."   Does this apply when this is not an incomplete gap?


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