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Written by:Boldo
10/27/2010 11:21 PM

8th edition is such a radical departure from the precious editions that is not surprising that tactics have changed as well.  In 7th ed there was a lot of merit to going second but now that has chnaged.  With units no longer scoring if fleeing there is little reason to go last.  Shooting also seems to be less important particularly those with 24" range.  As units can now charge much farther fighting can happen at least one turn faster.  While warmachines can do more damage they are also much more vulnerable to counter artillery fire and easily destroyed by initiative tests.  There are also big changes to fleeing.  If the opponents have fliers or fast units then fleeing units are very vulnerable but if there are not then fleeing unit have a greater chance than ever to not be scored.  As units flee only in a straight line  they often can be moved to set up longer fleeing than ever.  In combat there are two big changes.  First units can charge so fair that flanks are much more vulnerable.  Also units can choose to reform rather than pursue and this makes it much harder to redirect units.  These are only a few of the changes which make 8th very differnent but the more you try it the better I think you will find it.


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