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I am sure that by now Wizard's new Base set of Magic is no suprise. Like all
base sets this news has created all the excitement in you as the phases of the
moon. Perhaps you have even read the reviews which pan this latest edition for
its lack of tutors, color hosers, or some other favorite card. It is not an
exciting set but Seventh is by far the best set since Unlimited.

For the most part 7th is no big deal. In Type 2 very few cards from 6th were
played and this will continue to be the same in 7th. Many of the removed card
were very good like River Boa, Power Sink, and Vampiric Tutor, but they also
removed Forget,Living Lands, spell blast, Juxapose, Elvish Riders, Glasses
of Urza's, Bottle of Suleiman, and many more. Seventh may be full of boring
X/X creatures for X but with a few exceptions no one ever played the creatures
these are replacing in 6th. What has really happened is the totally worthless
spells have been weeded out in favor of just boring creatures.

The real big change is Armageddon. This card alone was a major reason mana
intense decks are rare. It was the fear at the back of my mind in every deck
I played and the heart of at least one deck. Removing this will have a big impact
on Type 2 by allowing the insanely expensive deck to tap out and the control deck to
get back into a game. It will also allow lock decks to play without blue as there
is little which will bother them.

Admittably there will be a few missed cards. I have played Enlightened Tutor in
everything and Power Sink is a favorite counter of mine. One of the best parts
of magic is building decks and the new card set will force new creativity which
is never a minus. Thus despite to lack of a need for Seventh it is still a good

Top 10 New Seventh Cards
10 Megrim -- Since Warped devotion came out people have been trying to build a
bounce discard deck and perhaps they finally can.
9 Opposition -- If only you could make a lot of tokens or sapporlings and then ...
8 Reclaim -- then get the card you need back to make more.
7 Equilibrim -- seems tailor made for spell shapers.
6 Coat of Arms -- with rebels, elves, sapporlings, and mercenaries this might
see a little play.
5 Arcane Laboratory -- this is the ultimate recursion deck stopper.
4 Mana Breach -- returning land to a players hand may combo with something now
or some new card made very well.
3 Pyroclasm -- 2 mana no birds or elves, or perhaps rebels.
2 Static Orb -- Perhaps a combo somewhere.
1 Nature's Revolt -- yes you like duress but I am sure there will be a great land
locking deck in shich this will be the key card. Perhaps with Aetherflash.

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