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Boldo's Magic:Mirrodin top 10


In Medieval thought the idea of fortuna's wheel made saw good and evil as a cycle always following each other with varying degrees in between. Sometimes it seems that magic sets are a perfect example of fortuna's wheel which continues it upward cycle which has been in effect since Legions. Though Mirrodin is good hopefully fortuna's wheel still has some room to give us at least one better set still Mirrodin.

In general it contines the trends with lots of good uncommons and some interesting reprints but it also continues the focus on creatures to the exception of combos or fun cards. Mirrodin also has the most unbalanced cards since Urza's Saga proving WOTC has trouble making artifacts. The mechanics are mixed as equipment has little use in the Boldo world while affinity is under utilized and inprint is awesome.

The Boldo Top Ten

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