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Scourge Takes flight

No other Magic set has ever had such a perfect opportunity to shine as Scourge. It follows one of the worst sets ever which was preceded by some pretty mediocre sets. It is almost as if Wizards tries to make the last set of a cycle the best of the set. Perhaps it helps sales? Any ways Scourge unlike its predecessors does not suck.
It may not be a great set but it is a definate improvement. Perhaps the best part of it is the presence a number of power uncommons which flies in the face of the previous trend to power up the rares. This is not to disparage the rares but is a good sign for those of us on a budget.

The set dynamics are the best since Invasion. Storm is a wonderful way around counterspells and a cool way to improve a boaring card. While the cards which work off the highest converted mana cost can also be heavily undercosted in the right deck. It is also a great set for a top ten as there are numerous good card which should help booster the constructed environment immediately.
10)Pyrostatic Pillar -- I am not sure what the best way to use this enchantment is but how can you dislike passive damage.

9) Call of the Grave -- I was just saying the other day how good Drop of Honey was.

8) Sprouting Vines -- I love to get a huge land advantage over my opponent and this card will help that a lot by filling your hand with atleast two basic lands.

7) Wing Shards -- It seems like this would not work to kill the creature you want to but somehow this always seems to clear the board.

6) Decree of annihilation -- Although Armaggedon is my personal nemesis Magic need to have one available in constructed formates. This is Armageddon and uncounterable.

5) Force Bubble -- It just seems like a card which could be broken.

4) Rush of Knowledge -- In the wrong decks this will draw 3 cards but in the right deck the sky is the limite.

3) Temple of the False God -- Almost every land which produces more than one mana is broken so why not this one.

2) Upwelling -- Nothing is better than mana and this card allows a player to save mana for ever.

1) Long-Term Plans -- this mightjust be the best tutor since Demonic. It is an instant so it is only a two turn wait but it will get any card!

Honorable Mention: Parallel Thoughts, Primitive Etchings, Rain of Blades, Carbonize, Hindering Touch, Ark of Blight, and Brain Freeze.


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