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by Boldo

Well it took a while but after five years the Weatherlight is finally done with its
journey and Magic can move on. If nothing else the end of the Invasion cycle means
new characters, artifacts, and storyline for Magic:the Gathering. It also finishes
up the excellent Invasion cycle with some outstanding cards. Like the rest of the
series it concentrates upon multicolor cards and has enchantments over artifacts.
And as such is a fine Boldovian set. It is full of all the good Boldo type cards
like creature control, counterspells, and search.
10Evasive Action -- Ever since Powersink rotated out of seventh I have been looking for a replacement and this might finally fill the bill.
9Vindicate -- Kill is good but when it call kill anything it attracts me like a moth to light.
8Pernicious Deed -- I never liked Nevi's disk and this is a better version but will be the ultimate any Boldo card.
7Planar Despair -- Wraith for black is nothing new but there never are enough mass creature removals.
6Wild Research -- If I were to design a card to search it would be an enchantment which searched for instants and other enchantments. Now I do not have to win any tournaments to have this card.
5Mystic Snake -- Counterspells which gained life and did damage were great and now we have one which creates a blocker where is the bad part. It can even recur easily so you can counter every turn.
4Prophetic Bolt -- Before I saw this card I saw Illuminate which I thought was awesome as it did damage and then drew cards. Well this is better and an instant.
3Gaea's Balance -- Any card which creates more mana than it does to cast is broken and this is no exception.
2Legacy Weapon -- The perfect card is a perminate (non-creature) which is unkillable, prevents decking, and can remove from play any perminate. Well here it is and it does not even tap so you can use it more than once a turn!
1Ice Cave -- It lacks the power of the some other cards but all you need is land and then you can counter anything. It combos so well with so many card like Dragon Arch, Urza's Rage, or even Pulse of Llanowar.

Honorable mention: Illuminate, Gerrard's Verdict, Desolation Angel, Powerstone Minefield, Suffocation, any sanctuary, and all the new pain lands
Worst Card False Dawn (what does this really do again?)

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