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Boldo's Magic:judgment top 10

Boldo delievers the Judgment

Just when I had given up hope on magic the designers fail and deliever an excellent combo driven set with many speculative cards. Judgment might be mispelledbut it is loaded with excellent Boldo cards which violate what seems to be the new mold of blandness which Torment and Odyssessy started.

10 Stitch Together -- It may be black and might be a creature related card which does not kill a creature but I have always had a soft spot in my heart for reanimator decks and this is a fine way to bring that behemoth into play.
9 Seedtime -- Yes it might wreck me in everyway but years ago I learned any card which works perfectly on me will also work on my opponents. Now if I can only find a way to recycle this...
8 Telekenetic bond -- This is no mind over matter. No wait a minute it is just a lot worst.
7 Spelljack -- Rare counterspells are always a welcomed sight for the Boldo but one which also steals the spell is a guarenteed winner.
6 Cephalid Constable -- It is a creature which leads to a quick lock just by attacking and playing a little bounce.
5 Browbeat -- Draw three cards or deal 5 damage -- its all good.
4 Krosan Verge -- Get two lands from my Library for a single land is an awesome ability particularly when I jsut want to produce mana.
3 Mist of Stagnation -- They remade Stasis! After all these years it is finally back.
2 Solitary Confinement -- Discard a card to never lose and the only problem is finding a way to draw a card or get a card to return to your hand. This is a no brainer combo says squee.
1 Mirari's Wake -- In a game about mana this is mana flare for me! Oh yeah and my creatures get bigger.

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