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Wow look at the Legions

In Wizards R&D they must have been sitting around in a zero creativity room when they thought up the idea of an all creature set. Lets face it the half a dozen creature cards which are cool every cycle are usually overpowered mistakes. Psychatog, Wild Mongol, and Nantuko Shade are not the normal for mana costing. What is the last set to have a real bomb creature? Blistering Firecat was as close to a great creature as you get and even this was overshadowed by the
good cards of the set like Absorb. So the braintrust of Wizards decides to make it cool by bringing back a few old favorites like slivers and specters. Unfortunately in their infinite wisdom they forget to make good slivers
but prefer to fill the card slots with 3/3 for 5 and replace cool abilities like untargetable or +1/+1 with regeneration or +0/+1. It seems no one clued them in on the fact that slivers were cool because they were undercosted!
Lets not even begin with the comparison to the Hypnotic specter.

In all fairness they did try to make the set interesting. Morph abilities and the gempalms are nice ideas but magic need mystery and creatures do not provide it. There some neat abilities put on creatures like Windborn Muse, Graveborn Muse, Gempalm Polluter, Caller of the Claw, Riptide Director, Bane of the Living and Scion of Darkness but apparently they forget to remove all creature removal spells before printing this set. Sure it is nice to draw a few cards but these are creatures the fragilest part of magic and they have to wait one full turn before you can use them. To say nothing of the problem posed by Wraith of God. I feel safe to say this set will rival Homelands and Fallen Empires as the worst sets ever. As for a top ten list forget it there is not one Boldo playable card in the whole set.


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