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Boldo's Odyssey top 10

Well it was destined to happen, after a series of good sets the best brains at Wizards have dropped the ball. Let me be the first to tell it like it is - Odyssey Sucks! Not only are the best cards 2/2 creatures but all the good combos are trivially obvious. Where are the combo cards? Where are the enchantments that will produce the locks? Where are the artifacts with confusing abilities? Why do the best cards have to be call of the herd and wild mongrel? Ah for the days of Visions.
Well now that we know the set sucks let's look at it a bit. First there are two new abilities threshold and flashback. Threshold lets bad cards do something interesting late in the game or makes little creatures game winners later in the game. Flashback will never be considered as strong as buyback and, though it is card advantage, there are few flashback cards worth casting once. I mean how excited can I be over two 1/1's for three mana over two turns. There are also a few other themes introduced. In invasion they had dragons and divide into pile cards, planeshift had the planeswalker card, and apocalypse had volvers. Now while these might not be great cards there was at least one that was not bad. Odyssey has shrines, which are all useless, and vores, which are only mostly bad. Oh goody.
Well what more can I say here is the Boldo's Top Ten (try not to fall asleep)
10 Haunting Echoes - a simple way to search the opponents deck and remove a lot of good cards. Sure it combos with traumatize but it also combos with 4 counterspells and two creature kills.
9 Gravestorm - it is a howling mine for you in most cases.
8 Epicenter - Armageddon was my nemesis but it was an essential card so now it is back.
7 Diabolic Tutor -- Demonic tutor was too strong, vampiric tutor was only watched, and the other limited tutors had to be removed, so this tutor is
6 Balancing Act -- if you play with sac lands and a few good cards isn't this game.
5 Syncopate - this is not powersink but it may be the essential counterspell in the new environment.
4 Think Tank - this really is card draw extrodinaire. It may be better than sylvan library.
3 Holistic wisdom - in many ways this may be the best card printed in years. It gets around removal and makes all your useless cards good.
2 Battle of Wits - sure it can not be played in tournaments for a number of logistic reasons but it makes a fine deck which could be very strong even in type 2.
1 Atogatog -- with 3000+ other togs to eat at our store this is going to one big monster.
Worst Card: Any Shrine

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