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Onslaught top 10

Let the Onslaught begin

I know it took a while to get around to this but Onslaught is one of those sets which will never wow me. Sure it is full of decent cards and plays very well in limited but it lacks the lock and recursion card I have grown to love.
Further nothing reminds me how watered down Magic has become like slightly improved remakes. Fetch lands have been around before and they return here. I used them in their day and the one life cost to come into play untapped seemed okay, but when these become the bomb of the set there is a problem. And lets not even bring up the Grand Coliseum.
Wizards also continued the rarity scaling of card which I hate so much by once more making sure most of the rares are an order of magnitude better than the rest of the set.
So with all this negativity lets go to the top ten:
10. Words of Wind: It is so close to locking and works perfectly with the enchantresses.
9. Future Sight: Until you try it you will not appreciate how broken this is.
8. Convalescent Care: This just seems to be wrong and if you can carefully control your life with Cities of Brass then this is very abusable.
7. Complicate: A counterspell which can also draw a card can never be bad.
6. Enchantess's Presence: The Veduruan Enchantress has always been one of my favorite cards and his is a better version as it is only one green and is not a creature.
5. Kamahl Fists of Krosa: I know it is a creature but it can turn the opponent's land into 1/1 creatures for easy killing and thus produce a killer lock.
4. Annex: Land theft is much better than land kill.
3. Lightning Rift: This is uncounterable damage which also draws a card. Talk about a broken dynamic.
2. Aggravated Assualt: Read broken with Nature's Revolt.
1. Krosan Tusker: Uncounterable Inspiration for one less. Oh yeah it could be an alternative victory condition.

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