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Invasion was a great set. It was full of great cards. It is a great set full
of enchantments, creature hosers, and counterspells. With a lot of gold cards and
good creatures it even has plenty for the player without boldosian vision. For the player of
vision it was the perfect set. Plainshift follows this up with a mediocre product
full of limited use rares and decent uncommons.

With this in mind we bring you

Planeshift Top 10

Well as I am a bit late with the review of the newest in magic I have had a real chance to play with these cards. As a result the Boldo's top 10 is a bit more varied and perhaps better than usual.

10 Thornscape Battlemage - A 2/2 for 4 which does 2 damage to target creature or player. This is a fine card advantage card.
9 Sunken Hope - It is an interesting to slow the beats from an opponent but it is better to reuse all those coming into play effects.
8 Orim's Chant - Wait I see a deck, Howling Mines, Orim's Chant, Recall, Relearn, and counterspells.
7 Terminal Moraine - The Lair cards are very good but nothing beats thinning your deck and getting the land color you really need.
6 Phrexian Tyranny - Boldo loves cool win conditions and game changing effects like pay 2 mana or take 2 damage when you draw a card. Combine with Telferi's Puzzle Box, Rising Water, or Prosperity it is a killer.
5 Darigaaz's Charm - Not really a boldo card but lightning bolt, giant growth and raise dead in one card is pretty good.
4 Terminate - I love cards with no restrictions and how can you dislike creature kill.
3 Eldamri Call - With the tutors leaving 7th this should just get better.
2 Allied Strategy - I love card draw and usually they cost 2.5 or so per card in a sorcery well this is 1 per card. Even in a 3 color deck it is just awesome.
1 Dromar's Charm - It kills River boa, counters Armagedon, and in a pinch gains you the life needed to keep playing. This is some card.

Honorable mention -- The lairs, Flametongue Kavu, Draco, Lashknife Barrier, Diabolic Intent, and Skyship Weatherlight (it must be broken).

Most overrated cards - Meddling Mage, Phyrexian Scuta, Shivan Wurm, Gaea's Herald, and Doomsday Spectre.

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