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Boldo's Magic:Torment top 10

The Torment of Boldo

I thought Odessessy was bad and now the big brains at Wizards have created an even worse set. Not only are the cards bland but in order to make it seem interesting they reprinted a few great cards in new colors. Finally they ran out of names leaving us with Childhood Horror. What does the future hold for us Big scary monsters, the thing in the closet, or bad things. This is perhaps the worst set ever made but there is plenty of time to fix that.
10 Mutilate -- Look wraith of god in black it must be good.
9 Altered Reality -- I always liked slight of mind.
8 Ambassador Laquatus -- It is a creature but is also the best millstone ever made.
7 Reborn Hero -- A truely unkillable creature.
6 Insist -- Look I put two creature on my list. If I am going to put on creatures then insist must be a good card?
5 Cabal Coffer -- Perhaps the only real good card in the set and it is broken. No land can even make more than one mana without being broken.
4 Plagarize -- An interesting idea which magic has never done before but stealing the opponent's draw is not subtle.
3 Vengeful Dreams no Breakthrough, no Compulsion Just forget it there are not 10 good cards in the whole set. What a waste of paper. I cry for the trees which died to make this landfill.

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