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Enter the Domain Deck Zone

I have heard it mentioned too many times how much easier a mono-color deck
is to make than a multi-color deck. Ever since Urza's Saga I have been
playing multi-color decks and recently everything I play is five colors.
This is not suprising as Invasion brought with it wave of good undercosted
gold cards. This combined nicely with seventh edition which, like most basic
sets is packed full with five color help.

The most important thing in a rainbow deck is to get the mana necessary. Perhaps
the most important aspect of magic is to be able to cast your spells and this
requires the right land at the right time. There are three ways to do this.
Traditionally getting different colors of mana was done with non-basic lands.
Whether dual lands, city of brass, or pain lands this has often been the secret
to multiple colors. The problem with this recently has been the damage taken
from the painlands and thus they could only be used for color so often. Invasion
fixed this with two new types of multicolor lands which are less painful. Multi-
mana colors can also be gotten by washing or fixing the color. There are a number
of creatures which can take colorless and change it to a color. The final way
to get many colors of mana is from basic lands. Now this can be done by waiting
for the lands to come up or using land search cards like rampant growth, harrow,
terminal moraine, or primal growth. This is perhaps the best way as it thins
your library and speeds up your mana curve. thus making a rainbo deck easier
to play.

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