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Tourny Report from Jeff Aaronson

This Tuesday's tournament was Type 2, not exactly my best format, so I brought a deck which was a Nameless Pile of green beats and blue stuff. It contained:

  • 4 Blastoderm
  • 4 Yavimaya Granger
  • 4 Accumulated Knowledge
  • 4 Brainstorm
  • 4 Counterspell
  • 4 Curfew
  • 3 Deranged Hermit
  • 2 Vine Trelis
  • 1 Bribery
  • 1 Thwart
  • 1 Moss Diamond
  • 1 Lumbering Satyr
  • 1 Reverent Silence
  • 1 Saproling Burst
  • 1 Spitting Spider
  • 1 Weatherseed Treefolk
  • 1 Rath's Edge
  • 11 Forest
  • 11 Island


  • 3 Aura Flux
  • 2 Multani's Presence
  • 2 Spidersilk Armor
  • 2 Saber Ants
  • 2 Hibernation
  • 2 Rushwood Dryad
  • 2 Uktabi Orangutan

In Round 1 I played Sean Flecther, he was playing a blue deck that splashed white for Disenchant and sideboard cards. In game 1 I beat him down with a Blastoderm and a Curfewed Hermit Druid. In game 2 he beat me with Morphling after I Curfewed it twice, but couldn't draw a counter. In game three I found out how bad Aura Flux is and had to kill one with a second so I could play Multani's Presence. Morphling beat me down again.

0-1, 1-2

In Round 2 I faced Josh Wiley playing a G/W deck with Blinding Angel, Mageta, Armagedon and Mana Elves. In game one he got control with Blinding Angel and a Parralax Wave, but I top decked a Spitting Spider which Stopped his Angels and then my creatures came out to finish him off. In game two Josh was mana flooded and I defeated him easily.

1-1, 3-2

In Round 3 I played Enzo Aquino who had a bye in the first round. He was playing Suicide Black. In game one he almost killed me before I stablized for the win. In game two he got a bad draw and lost when I countered his Perish.

2-1, 5-2

In Round 4 I faced Robert Brewington, who was playing Tinker. In game one he got out a Processor for 5 (should have been six), but I was able to keep him from making tokens by playing threats he had to counter. I played and Curfew a Hermit Druid, then played another, and was able to overwhelm his blockers for the win. In game 2 I drew all of my counters while he had a bad draw and even though he was playing 12 counters I was able to out counter him and keep his threats off the board. I was lucky to win this matchup.

3-1, 7-2

I didn't make top 4 due to tiebreakers, but after a 4-way split Steve McCarthy left and the remaining 3 decided to play it out for points. I played Arun, who was playing a Mono-red deck. My Yavimaya Grangers and Vine Trelis's defused his land destuction and stalled his creature rush, but burn finished me. In game 2 and three My Spidersilk Armors were too much for him to handle, and he got slower starts, allowing me to stablize.

4-1, 9-3

We didn't play anymore because it was midnight and Boldo had a mortal fear of facing me in tournaments.


  • Everyone - for playing for fun (mostly).
  • My opponents - for talking about our decks after the match
  • Luck - for giving me good matchups and draws


  • Me - Aura Flux and bad tie breakers
  • Sean Fletcher - for violating International Law by writing on my tournament report sheet


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