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Da Boyz GT
Brought to you by Da Boyzs with Rudicon and Boldo's Armory

When: October 14 and 15
Where: RIT Student Union
Cost $30
Fantasy is a 2250 pt tournament
40k is an 1850 pt tournament
Space is limited to the first 50 40 k players and first 30 fantasy so register now
There will be prizes for Best Painting, Best sportsmanship, Best General, and Overall in both fantasy and 40k.
See Sample fantasy Scenarios
See hotel and motels in the area

o All rulings of the judge are final.
o You must use the same army list for each game.
o While painting will be scored and opponents will apprieciate painted armies it is not required to play in the tournament ot have a painted army.
o You must conduct yourself in a manner that will not bring the hobby into disrepute. Conduct yourself as you would have your opponents conduct themselves.
o All selections in your army must be from the most current codex or army book. Special characters, or other items are only legal if they are chapter approved or otherwise official. Any items which require opponents approval are prohibited. All forge world vehicles are legal only if there are rules for them from Games Workshop.
o The total score will be out of 250pts. Painting, sportsmanship, and composition with be worth 50pts each. The battle score from winning games will be worth 100pts.
o What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). If you wish to use an item, it must be represented on the figure. Army list choices whose models aren't available must be converted. If a reasonable person familiar with the game can not identify what your conversion is then do not use it. We dont want you showing up with something you cant use!
o New Codexes or Army books - When a new Codex or Army book is published, you must use it if it comes out 1 month or more prior to the tournament. If the book comes out less than 1 month before the tournament, you can use either the new book or the exsiting book.
o You must bring 3 objectives and 3 messengers
o You must bring all materials needed to play including dice, measuring devices, templates, models, and any rules that you will be using.
o All cocked dice must be
Specific 2006 WARHAMMER 40,000 RULES:

Create an army of no more than 1,850 points with one Standard Force Organization chart.
• Specific zone fighting rules will not be in effect - including Jungle fighting and City fighting.
Valid Warhammer 40,000 Armies:
Space Marines - Use Codex: Space Marines and the Chapter Trait system with the exceptions listed below. Index Astartes rules will not be used.
Ultramarines - Codex: Space Marines Trait system
White Scars - Codex: Space Marines Trait system
Imperial Fists - Codex: Space Marines Trait system
Raven Guard - Codex: Space Marines Trait system
Iron Hands - Codex: Space Marines Trait system
Dark Angels - Codex: Dark Angels (Ravenwing and Deathwing armies are permitted)
Blood Angels - Codex: Blood Angels
Flesh Tearers - Codex: Blood Angels
Space Wolves - Codex: Space Wolves
Speed Freeks - Codex: Armageddon
Black Templars - Codex: Armageddon
Salamanders - Codex: Space Marines Trait System
Daemonhunters - Codex: Daemonhunters
Witchhunters - Codex: Witchhunters
Sisters of Battle - Codex: Witchhunters
Deathwatch Marines - Codex: Space Marines and Chapter Approved
Imperial Guard - Codex: Imperial Guard (May use Doctrines)
Imperial Guard Armored Company - White Dwarf
Chaos Space Marines - Codex: Chaos Space Marines
Lost and the Damned - Codex: Eye of Terror
Ulthwe Strike Force - Codex: Eye of Terror
13th Company - Codex: Eye of Terror
Eldar - Codex: Eldar
Iyanden - Codex: Craftworld Eldar
Alaitoc - Codex: Craftworld Eldar
Saim-Hann - Codex: Craftworld Eldar
Ulthwe - Codex: Craftworld Eldar
Biel-Tan - Codex: Craftworld Eldar
Dark Eldar - Codex: Dark Eldar
Orks - Codex: Orks
Feral Orks - Chapter Approved 2004
Kroot Mercenaries - Chapter Approved 2004
Tau - Codex: Tau (Tau Farsight Enclave is permitted)
Tyranids - Codex: Tyranids (Tyranid Mutable Genus rules and Tyranid Seeding Swarms are permitted)
Necrons - Codex: Necron
Special characters may be used but must adhere to the rules for that particular character.
While we stress the weekend is about fun, gaming, and meeting new people, there is an awards ceremony at the end in which we crown the weekend’s top achievers. Prizes are awarded to those who scored the most points in the areas of appearance, sportsmanship, gaming, Overall, along with goofy prizes for other undisclosed army traits and battle outcomes. The percentage breakdowns are as follows:
Point Breakdown
Battle – 40% of score. 100 pts
Sportsmanship – 20% of score. 50 pts
Army Composition and Theme– 20% of score. 50 pts
Appearance – 20% of score. 50 pts

- Army Composition and Painting will be both judged and scored by Chris Courtney and Jay Woodcock.

Forty percent of your total Grand Tournament score will be determined by whether you win, lose, or in some cases tie during your games. You will play five games in total over the course of the weekend. Each scenario will be worth between 0 to 20 points.
• Scenarios will not be made available until the GT. Players are recommended to make versatile armies for any type of mission. There will most likely be one of each: objective, recon, table quarters and straight victory point based mission. Most missions will include Deep Strike and infiltrators special rules. At least one mission will include reserves.
• After the game is over, tally up your Victory Point totals to determine the winner and the loser (or to see if there is a tie). The parameters of what constitutes a, Victory, Draw, or Loss will be found on the scenario sheet.
• At the end of each round, each player should fill out a Result Sheet and bring it up to the Head Table at the same time as his opponent. Please do so as soon as the game is over so that the Data Judges can get the scores in and the next round of players sorted out.

Every round, you will be judged on your Sportsmanship – the measure of a player’s patience, fairness, respect for his opponent, and (most importantly) his sense of fun. Always keep at the forefront of your mind that you are entering into the Grand Tournament to have a good time, see other armies, and play with toy soldiers. Remember, having a rules disagreement is not cause to mark someone down in Sportsmanship if you can amicably reach an agreement. It is okay to call a judge over to get an official ruling during the tournament. Sometimes players can misread rules or mistake a house rule they’re accustomed to for an official rule. You should mark someone down in Sportsmanship only if they blatantly bend or break the rules on a consistent basis, if they are unusually argumentative, or if they are (unfortunately) just plain jerks.
Please score your opponents honestly – otherwise, the system won’t work. Also, be aware that if we suspect someone is marking opponents low (or high) on purpose rather than in the spirit of the Sportsmanship rules, judges will adjust the scores as they deem fit.
Each round is worth between 0 and 10 points.

Your army’s appearance also a factor at the Grand Tournament. Painting is an integral part of the hobby, and here at the GT, you’ll find some of the best armies ever played and displayed. As everyone’s painting ability varies, you can earn a wide range of points.

Army Composition and Theme
The way we will be judging this was discussed on the message board before, but for those who missed it:
Follow these guidelines and you will score well:
1: Is this an army you would enjoy playing against.
2: Themed.
We believe that it really is that simple.
Yes we will be looking for min/max squads but we wont hold it against certain army's for not having them. We won't expect to see Necron 20 man squads, Chaos 20 man squads, 10 man Wrathguard squads for Iyanden. If you have them it might get you an above average score, but we won't hold it against you. Six 5 man tactical squads with heavy weapons, not so good.

Yes we will be looking to see how many heavy support choices you have. But more importantly what are they? Eldar army with 3 Falcons will score much lower than one with a D-cannon , Shadow Weaver , and Vibro-cannon Battery. There is nothing wrong with Iron warriors taking 4 Heavys, It just depends what they are, are they all the same, did they take 9 Obliterators to boot? Yes we will give you dibs if you only took 3 and they are different.

A Tyranid big ones army is not bad comp. One with 6 Carnifexes gunned to the teeth all with Venom Cannons becomes bad comp.

An army with only 2 Troop choices isn't bad comp. Deathwing showing up with 2 10 man Terminator squads is great.

Did you only take the best things in the codex? Or did you take the themed units even though they are not as effective? Like Sam-Hain and Swordwind showing up with Shinning Spears. Taking a chaplain to lead your Dark Angels on there hunt for the fallen (and leaving the Librarian at home) Iron warriors not taking a Daemon-Prince cause they don't like daemons = good.

In the end there are just too many different armies to make a generalized comp system. Having two judges discuss each army ultimately seems like the best way.

- Go out of your way to make a Themed fun army even at the expense of not taking just the best things in the codex. Make it a army people would go out of there way to get a game in with and you will score Very High.

- Make a Fun Themed army you would enjoy playing against and you will score Very well.

- Make a army filled with only the nastiest things in your codex, min/max squads, and Theme-less, well we have no problem giving out Zero's. Make a fun army…nuf said?

Specific Fantasy Rules

o Seventh edition rules will be used for this tournament.
o Players will score 15pts for a win, 10 pts for a draw and 5 pts for a loss. Players may score one additional battle pt for each of the following conditions if they meet it:
Killing the enemy general not running him off the table or running him down.
Having their Battle Standard at the end of the game.
having a unit in the enemy deployment zone at the end of the game.
Destroying the opponents most expensive unit, not counting characters.
Having the most unit strength of models within 6" of the center of the board.
o Your army must be no more than 2250 pts.
o Your army may not be constructed using a list from Lustria, or the Storm of Chaos book= nor can you use any appendix list, citadel journal list, or Warhammer chronicles lists.
o Regiments of renown are usable in a Dogs of war army only. Regular dogs of war units are usable in any army that allows them.
o Rhinox riders are usable only in the Ogre army.
o Allied contigents are not allowed except for Kislev which may be used by the Empire.
o A comp system will be used. We feel this should be viewed as a handicap as not all armies were created equal. Players should not be discourage if there army is not a perfect comp army as that is very hard and creates fairly poor armies. Armies will be scored using the following checklist. You receive 2 points for each item you check.
1 less than 25% characters
2 less than 15% characters
3 No Lord
4 Less than 10 casting or 7 dispel
5 less than 7 casting or 5 dispel
6 less than 10% magic items
7 less than 5% magic items
8 No terror causers
9 less than 4 shooting units
10 less than 3 skirmishing units not counting characters
11 less than 3 Cavalry units not counting characters
12 less than 3 artillery choices
13 less than 3 chariots
14 Have a BSB
15 Has atleast 3 standards other than the BSB
16 At least 3 core choices at 2 times minimum
17 No more than 3 of the same unit armed and equiped the same
18 No rare choices
19 less than 15% special
20 Fewer than 5 units which can strike at S5 or greater on the charge not counting champions in units but do count characters
21 No more than one flier
22 More than 55% core
23 Fewer than 3 units less than 1.5x minimum size not counting units without option for more models.
24 Four or more units full command
25 No duplicate rare or special choices
Take a deduction of -1 for each of the following items in your army. steam tank
Staff of change
greater demon
banner of battle
second generation slaan
anvil of doom
rune of stromni redbeard
Banner of the lady of the lake
ditto's double doing doo-dah's
book of arkhan
war banner
Huanchi's blessed totem
Icon of Rakaph

o In all cases if the selection calls for choices then a selections which is two for one (Like dwarven bolt throwers) count as one choice. If the question askes for units, or does not specify, then each individual counts as a unit and they would count as two even if they are a two for one choice.
o Cavalry are all models mounted on a cavalry base except characters.
o For casting dice a bound item power level 3 counts as one, power level 4-5 counts as 2 and power level 6+ counts as 3. One use items do not count at all except dispel scrolls which count as one dispel dice. Tomb priests, and tomb princes count as 2 dice each, a tomb king counts as 3 and a High tomb priest counts as 4. Spell like effects which can be dispelled count as bound items. Items which can generate dice are considered counted at their maximum possible benefit as long as they are not one use only.
o For the purpose of core percentage upgraded core units count as special choices if they were taken as core and rare choices if they were taken as special. For example choosen chaos knights count as special in a mortal chaos army, and orc biggems count as a special.
o Tomb king chariots count as a only half a chariot each unless they have a character in them.
o Shooting units do not count chariots, nor character with BS 4 or less with only one shot unless they qualify as artillery.
o Artillery are all items which no not roll to hit, use the artillery die, are S6 or greater, or can affect multiple models with one shot.
o Skirmishers are all models which skirmish including flying units and those that move like a character which are not monsters, but not characters.
o Fliers are by unit as long as they are mounted on 20 or 25mm bases. Larger based fliers are done by model.
o Characters count in all categories unless otherwise exempted.

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