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Baltimore GT

Baltimore is the premiere GT in the US and Boldo's Armory was well represented at this awesome event. For 40 K Boldo's had 6 regulars Shaun Kemp, Chris Courtney, Thomas Looney, Mike Alexander, Jay Woodcock, and Andy Manicari along with one time friends of Boldo's the Holben brothers. In a big suprise fantasy had as large a Boldo's contingent with John Buyea, Jay Halstead, Jason Clark, Josh Glantz, Nick Wyman, Joe Matthews, and Boldo joined there by Kevin Coleman.

If you have never been to a GT it is hard to imagine a convention center reserved for game playing but Baltimore had tables set up for 500 players and most were full. The players were from all over the world but what really impresses the people are the 400 incredible armies. There was something for everyone, as the 400 participants represent every possible painting style and some of the wildest modeling in the world.

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Of Course what really brings most of us together is to play our favorite game and the tournament is the highlight of the events planned. Both tournaments were full of past winners, big name players, and award winning armies. Against this we brought our forces (listed above at the players name). Six games over two days and we were all ready. Over this time we engaged in titanic battles, and epic struggles to emerge Sunday evening tired and wornout. With the battles completed the Rochester group had some very good battle scores. Eric Hobin led all led the Rochester contingent with a 103 score in the 40K while Boldo's 101 was the fantasy high. All that was left was to wait for the final scores. Unfortunately due to a computer glitch the wait would be long as we went home only knowing Chris Courtney had won the 40k best appearance award for his Tau army.
It took until Tuesday to confirm Boldo's as the premier 40k store with 4 players in the top 25 overall finishes. Shaun Kemp led the scores with 6th place, Eric Hobin was 8th, Chris Courtney was 17th, and Jay woodcock was 25th. Fantasy had 3 top 25 finishers led by Josh Glantz at 20th, Boldo at 21st and Kevin Coleman at 25th. Congradulations to all for there outstanding preformance at the largest warhammer tournament ever.
Overall 40K results.
Overall Warhammer fantasy results.
Boldo's Battle Reports
Nick's Battle Report

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