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Sample Scenario
Overview: Even the best General can have a hard time deploying a large unruly army and frequently this gives the opponent a chance to gain the jump on them.

Deployment: Roll to start deployment. The winner of this roll may either chose side of the table or to deploy first.

In this scenario players will take turns deploying a unit and if they do not have a unit to deploy they may move a unit. Warmachines and characters must deploy together. After a player places his characters he may deploy scouts as a normal deployment. If a unit does not start on the board (for example ambushing beastmen, dwarven miners, or gorgers) it must be still selected as a unit for placement even though its placement is off the board. Thus the opponent may get to move a unit or place two consecutive units on the board as a result.

When the first player finishes placing all their units they get to move one unit a normal move (no march, charge, double moves, or flying moves may be made). This move may be with a unit already moved but no unit may move closer than 12 of the enemy. This free move is even made after the opponent places a unit which does not appear on the board! This may allow an army to sneak up on the enemy as they deploy.

After both sides are finished deploying roll to see who goes first but neither player will ever get a +1.

Victory Conditions: Use standard Victory conditions in the book.

Deployment zones:

Sample Scenario 2
Armies in the Mist
Overview: Sometimes Armies happen to surprise each other as they advance across the world. And sometimes they meet in conditions which are detrimental for combat but armies can not always choose what is best for battle.

Scenario Special Rules: As the armies were not expecting battle they must place all units on the board! There is no ambushing, from below, mining, or summonsing of units from off the board except by spells. All units must start on the board. Units which may not start on the board at all, like the gorger, are at a -1 to appear and may never automatically appear.

There is no scouting or special deployment of any kind.

Deployment: Roll to start deployment. The winner of this roll may either chose which side of the table to have or who deploys first.

When it is a players turn to deploy his opponent chooses a unit warmachines are choose as one selection and characters must be choosen last. As there is no scouting these units can be choosen by the opponent but if some units could start off the board and enter later these a player must designate which of his own units will not start on the board. The player then can chooses where to place that unit on the board within 12 of their own board edge. This continues until all units are placed. Thus the opponent chooses one of your units and you then place that unit on the board!

Victory Conditions: At the end of six turns each player should count up the total unit size of models in each board quarter. The player with the largest unit size in a board quarter controls that board quarter and the player with the most board quarters wins the game.

Deployment zones:

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