Quest For The Grail

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One of the problems with playing Quest for the Grail with two persons is that one person rapidly runs away with the game. A good knight and a few nice rolls puts the game out of reach for the other player -- or does it.

Here are a few combos to evenize a lopsided game. If the knight in question is using lots of companions try to neutralize it with Imprisonment or Vision of Death. Then before they can undertake a quest challenge them with a lesser knight with either concentration or a good prowess. Cast Eternal brand and watch the valor leader lose endurance in a hurry or forfiet some valor.

Most players rely upon knights to win the game. As such their deck does not have a warrior or a good warrior in it. So put Giant of the Wold in your Quest deck as this will stop your opponent from having a choice of quests.

Master at Arms/ Beaumains' Blessing with a Squire. This gives you an 8/8 (Prowless/strength) challenge to a knight which will probably create a knight who is an 8/8 with 0 upkeep. The whole combination has an upkeep of only 3 and being you can have multiple squires it can be done several times. Famine alone is a great way to get rid of a powerful opponent but you also usually lose a knight of your own. Combine it with Exile to return you own knight ot your hand, or with Drought to pretty much sweep the playing field clean.

Love Philtre/Lady Elouise the Fair. Play Lady Elouise on any knight then use Love potion to Transfer to an opponent's knight. This will cause all the opponent's other knights with Ladies to have an upkeep of one more. Best of all unless Lady Elouise is with Lancelot she gives her knight no benefit. Finally if your opponent only has knights with Ladies no problem use Sir Sagramore la Desirous to steal the best lady he has.

Have you tried to play Land destruction yet. Using a deck Sir Colgrance of Gore, and King Roaz the Reaver you can destroy your opponent's land. Roaz though is a king and thus he loses 2 valor to challenge a knight but if you play insult ot a lady this can be eliminated by forcing an opponent to challenge you and then killing his land.

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