Gladiique Scoparum

Gladiique Scoparum
(Swords and Brooms)

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We are an SCA household located in Rochester NY which believes in making the SCA more fun for all involved. Our particular interest is fighting and we like to try to be a little historical. We are loosely organized upon the model of a tenth century Viking War party. Although we have a head of the group, he rules with the permission of the group and members have to be acceptable to the leader and the group. As such over the years it has been very easy for members to move into and out of the group as their SCA whims lead them. We are also an event attending group and like to enjoy the efforts of other groups in Western New York.

No sucking of any kind
Every individual is responsible for their own actions
Its a Game

Gladiique Scoparum Gladiique Scoparum Gladiique Scoparum

War News 2007
Armor by Boldo
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Calendar of Events
May 10 Delftwood (Syracuse)Martial Schola and tournament
May 15-18 Cooper's Lake Aethelmarc War Practice
May 30 June 1 Endless Hills (Scrantom PA) Melee Madness
June 6-8 Mrykfaelinn (Ithaca) Summer war practice
June 13-15 Sterlynge Vayle (Binghamton) Barony Wars
June 27-29 Thescorre (Rochester) Pax Interruptus

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