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Sample Scenario 3
Heroic Challenge
Overview: Sometimes armies tried to avoid bloodshed by having 2 heroes fight it out in a challenge before the contest. Despite agreement beforehand this seldom settled the matter.

Deployment: Roll to start deployment. The winner of this roll may either choose side of the table or to deploy first. Players take turns deploying units. starting with the side with the most units. Warmachines deploy as one group and characters deploy last. Scouts may be used.

Special Rules: At the start of the game after all units have been set up, each side must secretly nominate a champion. This is done after rolling for spells, intrigue at court, and Bretonian prayers. The champion can be any hero other than the general. If and only if no such hero is available then a champion of any unit may be chosen. If there are no champions and only one character then it must be the general. The two heroes and their mounts fight a challenge with neither side counting as charging (thus there is no bonus for charging and combat is done in initiative order with great weapons going last). Spell casters may start the combat with one of their spells cast if they are the target of the spell ( for example they could have bears anger or Pha’s illumination cast on themselves). The battle continues without checking for combat resolution and without starting the rest of the game until one of the heroes and their mount are dead. Fear and terror have no affect. The surviving character and any mount they have are placed in the center of the board and then the loser of the challenge decides who goes first even if they are Bretonians and have prayed. Players will score victory points for any characters or mounts killed in the challenge. Victory Conditions: Use the standard victory points with the following additions. The winner of this challenge receives an additional 100 victory points plus any points for any character killed in this challenge. Points for all characters killed in the game are worth double.

Deployment zones:

Sample Scenario 4
Attack the Camp
Overview: Often battles are fought by armies who camped close to the battle site. Nearby camps are often a mixed blessing as it is important to protect the camp but sometimes the lure of plunder in the enemy camp is so great that troops forget to finish the first task of winning the battle.

Deployment: Roll to start deployment. The winner of this roll may either chose side of the table or to deploy first. At the start of the game each player will set up a camp. The camp is made of 3 objectives set up in a triangle formation. Two objectives are placed touching the back edge of the board exactly 12” apart. Then the other objective is placed 6” from the back line between these two. Players take turns deploying a unit. Warmachines must deploy together as do characters. After all units are set then scouts may be placed.

Special Rules: As camps are full of booty units wish to loot them. If a unit could charge into the enemy camp, or at a unit in an enemy camp, at the start of their charge declaration phase then it must take a leadership test. If it fails this test then it must declare a charge on a unit in enemy camp or if no unit is present on the camp itself. If it passes then there is no effect. Units that are immune to psychology need not test but may not charge the camp unless there is a unit in the camp to charge. These units may move normally into a camp but the camp will march block them. A unit, that is not immune to psychology, which is fighting partially within their own camp gets a +1 to combat resolution. Broken units in or within 3” of the camp receive a +1 to all attempts to rally. All units in the enemy camp must pass a leadership test to leave the enemy camp. Camps do not block line of sight. Units may not be raised into a camp but may be raised right outside the camp. Units which enter the board in some other way (ambushing, from below, or tunneling may enter into the enemy camp. Victory Conditions: Use standard victory conditions except as follows. Each turn a player has at least one unengaged unit with unit size 5 or more in the enemy camp they earn 100pts. They get these points even if the unit that earned them is later destroyed or chased out of the camp.

Deployment zones:

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